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How to Start a Chapter


FBA is looking for interested construction related trade or professional organizations or school districts who would like to establish a connection between students and the real world of construction. Assistance is available to guide you through the process by contacting FBA at 1-772-370-4713 or sending an email to  The Chapter Manual may also be downloaded here FBA Chapter Manual 2023-2024.

Why Start an FBA Student Chapter?
Benefits to Students:


FBA Chapters provide a unique club for students participating in a construction related curriculum which allows these students to have equal recognition on campus with other programs and extends learning opportunities beyond their classroom and lab work. The Chapters help tie their classroom instruction to the many possible career choices available in construction resulting in either a job or postsecondary education in this chosen career field through knowledge and skills training. Top students can apply for FBA scholarships as well as other local scholarships for construction students.

Benefits to School:


A school with construction related programs are enhanced by an FBA Chapter and brings credibility to the program that creates student interest for continued local and district administrative support among the highly competitive programs offered by the school and or district. It encourages students to seek certifications in their field of interest and provides local industry support in preparation for the certifications and financial support for certification exam registration.

Benefits to Instructor:


A local FBA Chapter through the support of the local construction industry partners brings experience, knowledge and real world work related examples into the classrooms giving FBA students the incentives to pursue a career and or postsecondary education to achieve a lucrative career in the construction industry.

Benefits to Industry:


With an aging work force in the construction industry, there is an urgent need for knowledgeable and skilled labor coming from our secondary schools and technical colleges. It is critical to sustain the construction workforce to insure the future of the industry. FBA Chapters are a great source for internships, apprenticeships and part-time employees that bring a career interest and some basic knowledge and skill to the industry.

3 Memberships in 1!

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