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FBA Chapter Locations  2023-2024 School Year
Chapter Map 2023-2024.jpg
FBA Student Chapter Sponsors & Advisors

The success of a Future Builders of America Chapter depends on the strength of the partnership between the staff and members of local trade and professional associations and the school district administrators and teachers. Students learn in school how to build, lay brick,  wire a house, install plumbing or HVAC systems. Bringing in members of local trade and builder associations gives students an opportunity to learn what it means to be a builder, a mason, a carpenter or an electrician.  


Student Membership in FBA Chapters

Students can join their local FBA chapters through their school.  FBA Club meetings offer opportunities for camaraderie and the chance to develop leadership and team-building skills.  Interaction with local trade associations gives student members an opportunity to explore the variety of careers in the construction industry from constructor to design professional, mason, carpenter, plumber, electrician or HVAC technician.  For current happenings and pictures that capture the enthusiasm of recent FBA Student Chapter activities please visit our Facebook page Future Builders of America.

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